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Hans Thyge Raunkjaer founded the design studio in 1990. The studio is based in Denmark and China. Hans Thyge is surrounded by a team of talented young designers, together they work on a combination of a strong tradition and a drive to explore the unknown and innovative parts of design.
Hans Thyge & Co is specialized in designing furniture, objects, interior and branding. They juggle with everything from technical projects to fashionable living concepts, and work with a strategic and commercial approach and has created several lifestyle brands.
The design studio has a long history of know-how and experience in advanced modelling, working with all kinds of materials and production methods. Their processes are structured and monitored very carefully to ensure that the result meets the expectations. Hans Thyge & Co has received several awards throughout the years on the international design scene.
Hans Thyge & Co consists of passionate people with strong opinions and a love for great design. They believe in combining brain and heart – function and aesthetics, and that every design should tell a story: a product is so much more than the product itself – it is about creativity, vision, culture, company values, the past, the present and the future.
It all starts with the power of imagination!


Vii Chen

photo of Vii Chen

Born in 1983, Vii CHEN grew up in Taiwan, on graduating with a Master of Design in 2012 she started hers own practice with base in Taiwan.
 Vii CHEN, the new generation designer from Taiwan won her first IF design award when she was 25.  The design director of 黑生起司 HEY SHENG CHI SI also won many design awards in many countries for her works with 黑生起司 HEY SHENG CHI SI in the first year when 黑生起司 HEY SHENG CHI SI was established.  Her “Fruit and Vegetable Peels Cup” even won red dot in Germany, Good Design in Japan, 50/100 Outstanding Young Designer Award in Shanghai and many internationally recognized awards. 
As a designer of her own brand, she finds the sources of her design from life experience, memory of the environment where she grew up and experience feedback.  Through observation of life, she emphasizes and focuses on utilization of materials and extension of production techniques.  By viewing her work as a user as well as a designer, she pours something triggering emotions into her work.  She aims to develop more experimental design and use nature materials to be media for enhancing techniques and extending memory for her design, such as furniture and large decoration, without limitation. 
The works of her brand ViiCHENDESIGN were exhibited at Salonesatellite in Milan Design Week 2014, 2016, 2017 and her brand were exhibited at MAISON&OBJET in Paris in 2015.

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