HANS THYGE & CO X Anders Nørgaard
DIEGO Containers come in 4 different sizes. Concrete DIEGO Container is the tallest of all, combined with grey blue metal top.  Blue Wooden Diego Container has the biggest volume, combined with deep-sea blue metal lid on top. Terrakotta Diego Container is slim but tall, combined with copper finished lid. Finally, three smallest wooden Deigo Containers are finished with natural oak and smoked oak, with interchangable lids in copper, brass, and yellow colour finish. These containers are perfect size to help keep things nice and tidy.

Ø110x66 - waxed oak / brass
                 smoked oak / copper
                 smoked oak / yellow
Ø240x100 - blue / blue
Ø80x116 - terracotta / brass
Ø160x186 - concrete / petroleum